IWA - Clutch - TOP B2B Companies Finland 2020

Clutch Names IWA Ltd as a Leading App Developer in Western Europe!

  BusinessClutch Names IWA Ltd as a Leading App Developer in Western Europe!     By IWA 16.02.2020 For the second year in a row, IWA Ltd has earned a spot on Clutch’s annual report of top agencies in Western Europe. This is quite the feat, and it’s incredible to be featured along with such top-performing app development studios. We’re proud to be recognized for our mobile expertise in addition to our commitment to building strong client partnerships! “We are very excited to be included among the Top B2B Companies in Western Europe” Rami Korhonen, CEO & Co-Founder, IWA Ltd We know we’ve talked about Clutch before. As a globally-trusted B2B ratings and reviews platform, Clutch analyzes service providers around the world, recommending top companies to buyers. To create their reports, they use a unique methodology that looks at a …

Blockchain – a game changer for the game industry?

The blockchain, a revolutionary technology designed to decentralize and verify data and eliminate the need for trusted third parties, has been heralded in recent years as a game changer in many industries. In this post we will take a look in the video game industry and discuss the contributions and feasibility of blockchain as a tool in game design and monetization.

IWA Recognized as Leading App Developers by Clutch!

IWA prides itself in disrupting previously conceived notions. Our philosophy and skill have helped us to be identified as not only as a leading mobile app development company, but also as a part of the leading Thailand developers category by Clutch.

Onsite Obsession vs. Enhanced Distributed Teams

Onsite Obsession vs. Enhanced Distributed Teams

Shortage of skilled developers in Finland has shown the limitations of the dominant onsite consulting business model. Could a more distributed way of building software provide better results?


Sustainable Machine Learning in the Software Industry

By IWA, 07.08.2019 Sustainability is not only about climate change, feeding the poor, and saving plants and animals. It is really about making conscious and educated decisions about how to design the future. Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) have been surrounded by lots of hype recently. These technologies are playing a big part in the architecture of many modern products and services. Engineering sustainable digital systems is more important than ever. As we start outsourcing decisions and design to machines, it is important to understand their capabilities and downfalls. This article is about understanding ML at a general level, and aims to highlight some basic points that developers and designers (and, well, everyone) should be aware of, now that ML has already moved out of the research labs and into our pockets. There is not one precise definition …


IWA’s Last 365 Days in Review – Middle East and Asia Expansion and Initiatives for Greater Good

By Rami 19.06.2019 In March of this year, we celebrated IWA’s tenth birthday. A milestone of this magnitude pairs well with the successes we’ve experienced over the past year. Endeavors such as IWA’s expansion into VIetnam and the Middle East along with our diversification and growth in Thailand made 2018-2019 one of our most exciting years yet. One of our most significant achievements was the full-scale digitalization case we were selected to carry out by the Ministry of Housing of Saudi Arabia. Our mission, in this case, is to help their organization to create a suite of digital services for Saudi citizens and companies. With over twenty IWAlites working on this case it’s become our most expansive project so far. With this project, our company capabilities have reached a new high, and we feel confident that we can take on …

IWA 10 Years – We’re Coding a Better Future for the Construction Industry and the Middle East

By IWA 29.03.2019 IWA is now 10 years old! Today we’re an established software development company based in Helsinki, Thailand, Vietnam and the UAE, operating in Saudi Arabia. We design and implement web services and mobile applications with over 60 experts. What’s interesting for IWA on our 10th birthday is that up to 37 percent of our net sales of EUR 2.7 million last year came from the Middle East! “In ten years, IWA has grown into a company of 60 experts in four different locations, with experts from ten different countries,” says IWA CEO Rami Korhonen. “Our business started to thrive in the Middle East a few years ago due to our property and construction expertise. Now we collaborate locally with major governmental actors.” We’ve designed and implemented a number of digitalization projects in real estate and building industry, …

Over 70% of Our Employees Have Traveled to Vietnam to Work This Winter

By IWA 21.03.2019 IWA currently employs over 60 software development professionals. Out of these employees a whopping 70% traveled to our winter office in Vietnam. We’ve had tremendous amounts of snow and ice this winter in Helsinki. Vietnam is a perfect winter getaway to some of our talents to get to a more warmer and pleasant climate for a few weeks or even a month. One of these talents is Waleed who has ended up via many challenging circumstances to Helsinki as a web developer. Waleed is originally an IT entrepreneur from Mosul in Iraq from where he came to Helsinki as a refugee a few years ago. Nowadays Waleed is a front-end developer here at IWA and he manages UX development for our client projects. “I was at IWA’s winter office in Thailand last winter and it was such …