Epecci Ltd, formerly known as Eero Paloheimo Ecocity Ltd, is a consulting company focused on urban sustainability. The company helps cities and municipalities to design and build cost efficient and sustainable urban environments. Epecci designs smart city concepts and evaluate emissions and costs of urban plans. In 2017 the company launched its innovative new SaaS service Ecocity Evaluator.

”We decided to work with IWA due to their expertise in building high quality web solutions with agile and responsive human-centric attitude. Turning our consultants’ expertise into a polished SaaS service was definitely a challenge, but IWA’s team tackled it well in a professional manner and always in positive spirit. I can definitely recommend IWA for similar challenging online service development and business digitalization projects.”

Pekka Paloheimo, CEO of Epecci Ltd


In the summer of 2016 Epecci contacted IWA about its vision for a SaaS service for urban planners. The company had long history for providing advanced environmental impact simulations created by its experts and the goal was to take the accumulated expertise and turn it into a service that any urban planning professional could use independently.

After meeting with Epecci and demonstrating our long industry experience with a large number of real-estate related references, Epecci decided to contract IWA to develop their new SaaS service.


We started the work by designing the user experience on two levels: User story level and wireframe level. Simultaneously, IWA’s technical architects started designing the best way to transform the knowledge that Epecci’s consultants had documented mostly in Excel-documents into an fully automated web-service.

Once the preliminary UX/UI and architecture plans were ready, development was kicked off by using agile methodologies in 2-week long iterative sprints. IWA’s project manager acted as the nexus of communication between Epecci and IWA’s development team. The production team consisted of members both from IWA’s Finnish and Thailand offices.


Ecocity Evaluator was launched in the beginning of 2017 and has received an enthusiastic reception from the urban planning professionals.

“At IWA we take special pride in being part of projects that contribute to building a more ecologically sustainable society. Before this case we have for example worked with building mobile apps for the e-car charging company Virta and developing the bio coal monitoring portal for Finnish forestry expert company Tapio. Building Ecocity Evaluator has been a wonderful and inspiring challenge with its ambitious goal to transform decades worth of deep human knowledge & expertise into an easy-to-use web service that anyone could use instantly”, explains Rami Korhonen, the CEO & Co-Founder of IWA.

  • Industry

    Urban Planning / Construction

  • Technology Stack

    HTML5, CSS3, Ruby on Rails backend, hosted on cloud

  • Project Duration

    6 months from agreement to launch of the version 1.0

For further information, please contact:

Rami Korhonen
+358 40 730 7813