Flioz is Helsinki, Finland based FinTech startup founded by a team of experienced finance professionals dedicated to make investing in stock markets profitable, easy and fun. By teaming up with IWA, Flioz found a likeminded technology provider fuelled with startup spirit to turn their vision into reality.

”We decided to work with IWA after we saw that their team could help our startup with many things beyond just software develeopment. During our cooperation we have used IWA’s UX design and lean analytics and general startup expertise. Based on our experience, we can easily recommend IWA for mobile app development projects that require UX design, native iOS app development and open-source backend development.”

Mika Perttula, CEO of Flioz


Flioz’s founders contacted IWA in August 2015 and we started the cooperation with them with a small UX design project.

During this initial phase we identified the planned app’s core features and designed the initial user flow with wireframes. After the UX design project Flioz asked us to build the app as native iOS mobile app with the help of their in-house graphic designer.

The project turned out to be super interesting as it required us to learn fascinating details about stock market investing and to build a Ruby on Rails backend system for handling the 3rd party stock market data. During the project we also built a management web-dashboard for managing the app’s editorial content and sellable portfolios.

As a part of the development we also included several analytics and advertising SDKs into the app and gave Flioz founders an introduction to lean analytics methodology and key startup metrics.

The app was launched in April 2016 and is now helping scores of people interested in stock market investing in finding winning portfolio strategies in today’s heavily fluctuating stock markets.

”FinTech is a hot market segment right now and it’s been awesome to work with Flioz’s experienced founders Mika and Sampo, who have such a clear and strong vision on how to make investing in stock markets more easy and fun. The iOS app development project we completed for Flioz was inspiringly challenging with several third party integrations, and the final app turned out to be a hugely informative and easy to use iOS app for people interested in stock market investing”, describes Rami Korhonen, CEO of IWA.


Equipped just with a preliminary concept, Flioz and IWA teams started a fast-paced iterative development project to build a new kind of mobile app for all investors. A key guiding principle was to create an easy to use and beautifully designed application for planning and comparison of multiple stock portfolios simultaneously with integrated access to latest curated market insight.

Investors are bombarded with financial information, recommendations, stock-picking tips and expert opinions every day. A vital step for any successful investors is to be able to filter out the meaningful signals from the noise. Flioz helps investors to stay on top of the market pulse and to see the impact of market movements to their stock portfolios.


The initial version of the Flioz mobile app was launched for the iOS platform after 8 months of development in April 2016. This achievement was made possible by effective co-operation of a truly multidisciplinary project team, combining expertise of both Flioz and IWA personnel. Agile prototyping and quick build-test cycles allowed Flioz to refine and develop the app’s concept even when the development work was already ongoing.

By choosing IWA also as its hosting and operations partner, the Flioz team knows that whatever issues or development needs they might have, they simply need to contact a single party. This tightly knit partnership model gives them a peace of mind and allows them to focus fully on developing their business.

  • Industry


  • Technology Stack

    iOS mobile app, Ruby on Rails backend, hosted on Azure

  • Project Duration

    8 months from agreement to launch of the version 1.0

For further information, please contact:

Rami Korhonen
+358 40 730 7813