Goland Group is the leading provider of online marketing solutions for the real estate industry in Finland. Operating its own flagship commercial real estate portal Tiloja.fi and tens of client and property specific portals and marketing sites, Goland serves more than 50 real estate investors, developers and brokers in the Nordic countries. Since 2010, IWA has been Goland’s key partner in digitalization of commercial real estate marketing.


From the day one it was clear that to match Goland’s business objectives, flexible and modular service architecture was required. Although company’s first launched service was its own Tiloja.fi portal, the business roadmap included developing similar services for tens, potentially hundreds, of different clients. “Re-inventing the wheel” for each new client would not have been both commercially viable and would not have allowed rapid scaling of the business.


In addition taking a full responsibility of technical development and operations of all Goland Group’s online services, IWA is also providing Goland with both service strategy and design consultation. This has been a mutually beneficial relationship as being able to work already for more than five years in a very close partnership with Goland has given IWA an excellent view on the real estate industry and how the business is developing. In turn these lessons learned have made it possible for IWA to constantly provide Goland Group with even better recommendations for service concept and technical development.



The nimble approach emphasized by both companies has created a very fruitful “let’s try it out” culture allowing quick prototyping and testing of new service concepts and business ideas. This has given Goland Group a significant competitive advantage and also increased the overall pace of digitalization in the commercial real estate sector.

A great example of the value of Goland Group’s flexible and modular service infrastructure is Goland’s exceptional ability to create partnership with 3rd parties. For example, in addition to creating and managing marketing content for its clients, Goland is also distributing the same content to 3rd party online marketing channels on behalf of its clients.

  • Industry

    Real Estate

  • Technology Stack

    Tens of online services implemented, backend development mostly using Ruby on Rails, hosted on cloud

  • Project Duration

    The quickest projects have taken only days to plan-design-implement where as the bigger portal development projects have taken several months.

For further information, please contact:

Kare Souru
+358 400 577 599