Talokeskus Yhtiöt offers services and products for the Finnish real estate businesses for all phases during the property lifecycle from planning and construction management to energy management and building maintenance consultancy and services.

Talokeskus Tampuuri ERP solution is the most widely used real estate software product in Finland with 1.9M inhabitants living in a home managed with Tampuuri. IWA has been working together with Talokeskus since December 2014 developing its Tampuuri Tablet iOS and Android apps.

”We selected IWA as the developer for Turvakohde.fi as we had good previous experiences from the Tampuuri Tablet iOS and Android projects we’ve done with them. IWA’s development team completed Turvakohde.fi in schedule and with best possible quality. I can definitely recommend IWA for similar functional online service development projects.”

Juha Raitanen, the Vice President, REM Services at Talokeskus Yhtiöt Oy


Turvakohde.fi is a new digital rescue plan service from Talokeskus, which has been seamlessly integrated with its real estate ERP system Tampuuri. The easy-to-use online service allows both private and commercial properties to publish their legally obligated rescue plans online to allow instant access for tenants and other stakeholders.


Talokeskus contracted IWA to develop the service in the in the summer of 2016. As the core of the solution, open source Ruby on Rails backend framework was chosen, as it is IWA’s preferred backend software development approach for functional online services.

Alongside the consumer-facing rescue plan features, Turvakohde.fi includes comprehensive administration functionalities, including tools for adding new rescue plans and conducting property-specific safety audits.


The development work of Turvakohde.fi was completed using iterative Scrum agile project model. The people responsible of the project in Talokeskus met with IWA’s team at steady intervals during the project, which ensured excellent transparency and staying on track at all times. After completing the version 1.0, IWA has continued developing new advanced features for the service.


“Real estate and construction industries are important customer segments for IWA and we are delighted to continue our multi-year co-operation with Finland’s leading real estate ERP system provider. Turvakohde.fi project was extremely interesting for us, as it allowed us to use our preferred Rails framework and development model. We’re also very pleased that we’ve been able to make a dent in digitalizing the official rescue plans that can potentially save human lives should for example an unfortunate fire occur”, explains Rami Korhonen, the CEO of IWA.

  • Industry

    Real Estate / Construction

  • Technology Stack

    HTML5, CSS3, Ruby on Rails backend

  • Project Duration

    12 weeks from agreement to the launch of version 1.0

For further information, please contact:

Rami Korhonen
+358 40 730 7813