Our services range from helping you to clarify your idea and strategy to practical implementation, development and maintenance. We work from the start to the very end to ensure our clients business is running safe and smooth. Our work is driven by constant need to find simpler, faster and clearer solutions.

An example process for a project

In the beginning of the INNOVATION stage the "problem worth solving" is often still undefined. Facts and insights are gathered and synthesized into a form that allow us to formulate the core features for the Minimum Viable Product (MVP). The output from this stage is a clear brief for the actual service development.

During the DEVELOPMENT stage we start building the MVP while testing every assumption in rapid cycles. We develop software in 1-3 week sprints, depending on the scope of the project. With our Risk Free Agile Development model our clients can validate the efficiency of our work quickly with almost zero risk - the only risk being the time your organization dedicates to the project.


Risk Free Agile Development

We work in 1-3 -week development cycles (called "sprints") in which we first define the goals, then do the development and finally present the results as usable ready-to-launch features. If you are not happy with the results of our work during the first sprint, then we will not charge you anything for our work.

Value-adding Expertise

In addition to our world-class software development expertise, our clients also get access to our business experience from building successful apps, services and business models for startups, public sector organizations and corporations in Finland and abroad.

Complete Commitment

We are 100% invested in each client's unique goals. Each project is seen through, start to finish, by a dedicated team and a single project manager. Clients have real-time visibility to project progress and a friendly project manager from IWA to address any questions or concerns.

In the future majority of companies expect to compete mostly on the basis of customer experience.GARTNER LEADERSHIP SURVEY


Matching needs and desires with technologically feasible solutions.

Digital Strategy

Turn the changes of business environment into opportunities and competitive advantage. Map the current status, clarify the strategy and make a concrete roadmap. Any organization's future success is based on getting on the right track today.

Service Architecture

We help you in connecting your services seamlessly to your organization's processes and business environment. Our expertise ranges from technical service architecture creation to feature and software implementation planning.

Rapid Prototyping

We take an assumptions-driven approach to testing concepts with real users in the market to rapidly iterate, refine and de-risk new growth opportunities. We prototype everything to find out what the actual users are willing to use.

User Experience Design

Making something look simple to use is easy. Making something actually simple to use is much harder - especially when the underlying systems are complex - but that’s what you should be doing. We don’t take “It’s always been that way” for an answer.


We can integrate your brand to your new service or we could build you a new one. That`s up to you. However, branding is necessary at this stage. It can also be tested with the real end-users.

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Kare Souru
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80-90% of downloaded mobile apps are used once and then deleted. It doesn’t have to be that way.OPTIMIZELY


Crafting digital solutions is our bread and butter.

Agile Development

Once we have established that our expertise is a great match with your needs, we assemble the optimal team for your project from our team of 40+ software and service developers. We work in 1-3 week iterations while communicating continuously via Slack and Trello. Our agile development methods give you the complete control to prioritize development in real time. This service is great for business model driven operations that want to outsource technical development for an expert organization.

Fixed Budget Productions

While we always recommend the Agile Development methods, we are also very experienced with developing solutions with fixed budgets and timetables. In these cases, we always assign a project manager and service designer to the project to ensure that initial production design will be done be well. In most cases we recommend conducting a small planning project before the full production will be started. This model is great for publicly funded development projects, such as Tekes supported product development cases.

Planning Projects

In many cases the best way to start larger service development initiative is to first execute a planning project that first analyses the core need and intended user personas of the planned service. Our senior experts then create a best practice recommendation on how the service should be developed while our service designer creates wireframes on the core functionality of the service. The end result of the planning project is a fully executable production plan including core user stories, wireframes and design ideas.

Mobile App Platform Versions

If your organization has created an app for either iOS or Android and would like to add the missing platform, our mobile team can create the platform version cost-efficiently and quickly. One such case the Tampuuri Tablet app which our client had already built for Windows Phone platform. They first commissioned us to build the iPad version of the app and later to build the Android version.

Onsite Consultation

In case your organization would like to have our experts working onsite at your premises, we can provide teams of 2-5 developers typically in 2-4 weeks from starting the discussions with the client. Our onsite experts have helped e.g. clients in finance and construction industry with iOS, Android and web application development. This service is great for organizations that want to have the whole production team under one roof.

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The most powerful tool we have as developers is automation.SCOTT HANSELMAN


Let us keep your service running securely and reliably.

Managed Operations

We help you to choose the right cloud services platform with the availability, performance and cost level best suited for your services. We have experience of major cloud service environments such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Heroku. Depending on your needs, we can assume full responsibility of operating your cloud services or work as your trustworthy partner whenever you need assistance.

Service Level

We offer an SLA (Service Level Agreement) matching your needs. Whether you require 24/7 on-call support or just office-hours service, our team can customize a solution for you that works for your situation today and in the future. Having a dedicated technical support team makes a huge difference when positively or negatively unexpected situations occur. We help you take out the worry so you can focus on building value.

Operations Services

We take responsibility of maintenance of your operating systems, web servers and databases. We proactively deploy all relevant security and other software patches in timely manner and perform any other updates we consider important for keeping your services available and secure. Problem-solving is performed together with our software developers, whenever necessary.

On-call Services

Automatic 24/7 monitoring and our on-call support team ensure your services stay operational. Any exceptions in the cloud infrastructure, server software or service are quickly identified and any needed measures can be started with a minimal delay.

Lean Analytics

Launching products and services is our bread and butter, but what happens after launch is what truly inspires us. We use Lean Analytics methodology to define KPIs and help our clients make data driven product development decisions.

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Kare Souru
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